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Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking under normal circumstances. Through the uncertainty of a pandemic into the mix, and some couple might want to throw up their hands and elope. Remember, this too shall pass. As I am writing this, vaccines are being distributed in England, and they are scheduled to begin in the United States, mid December. It is estimated that it will be 6 months before we are back to some kind of normalcy and a year before we are back to being completely normal. So what to do?


First, know that if you are choosing professional wedding vendors, they will help you take the anxiety away. Correct vendors should have open lines of communication with their clients. They should answer the phones during weekdays and respond to emails/texts quickly. If you come in contact with someone that doesn’t provide good client service before you give them your hard earned money, you should expect them to be worse after you do. Following up with initial emails and messages on your phone will be an indication that they WANT to work with you.

Next, every couple needs to check on Covid policies with their vendors and HAVE THEM IN WRITING. We offer rebooking at no additional cost as long as the client contacts us prior to booking the new date to check availability. I have watched too many clients get burned by vendors that don’t want to reschedule 2020 events into 2021. Also, be reasonable. Remember that a vendor that you booked is trying to feed their family. They are holding a date in good faith for a set deposit/retainer. All couples need to realize that if you decide to elope after a company has been holding your date for months, you probably will NOT get a refund of that deposit. We use deposits for education, office expenses, equipment, advertising, and insurances (just to name a few).


Finally, get excited. Whether your wedding is in March of 2021 or July of 2022, it is a celebration of a life’s milestone. It is daunting, but it is also a blast. People will need to congregate when this nightmare is over. What better way to kick that off than with a celebration of the future happy couple? No one should miss out on this milestone. If you need to wait another 6 months or a year, what’s the hurry? You are going to be married to this special person forever anyway.

If you want more tips, just check out ATOCWeddings.com or ATouchOfClass.com. You can reach us directly at 508-229-0009. We are always here to act as the voice of reason or to get you super excited for your big day.