General Questions

What is A Touch Of Class?

A Touch Of Class is a Boston-based entertainment company offering service primarily in DJ Entertainment for a wide variety of event types such as Weddings, Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, School Dances, Private Parties and Casino Nights.

How long has ATOC been in business?

A Touch Of Class has been serving clients all across New England and beyond since 1989.

How did ATOC get started?

A Touch Of Class started in Vero Beach, Florida in 1989. Ken Cosco, Chief Entertainment Officer got together with 3 of his high school friends to DJ a 6th grade Sock Hop. After that event, the company was formed. Within 1 year, A Touch Of Class locked up all of the Indian River County’s School Dances, many weddings, and even the first Bar Mitzvah. Upon high school graduation in 1992, Ken moved to Massachusetts, sold the company, and established a new home base. From 1992-1996 events skyrocketed from 25 events per year to 96 events per year. Starting in 1995, Ken started instructing entertainers around the country at various national conventions. By 2000, A Touch Of Class was performing at 400 amazing events per year. Since then, A Touch Of Class has invented many nationally award winning games and dances. Plus, the company has incorporated some of the most unusual and interactive events imaginable.

Are you still offering services during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are absolutely operating during the pandemic. We can do minimonies, outdoor events, indoor events with proper precautions. 4 types of virtual entertainment have also been invented since March, Virtual Escape Rooms, Zoom Extreme Trivia, Majority Rules Game Shows, and a Virtual Survivor/Trivia Game Show. We are in the office everyday to assist our clients with all types of entertainment. Just reach out, and we can brainstorm together.

How do we get started with booking A Touch Of Class for our next event?

Reaching out to us the first step. Email us at or call 508-229-0009. We will check availability. Then, we offer zoom video conferences or phone appointments until the pandemic is over. Our response time will be extremely quick as it goes to client service. Client service is HUGE with A Touch Of Class DJ’s.

What if you don't have a song that we want?

We have a library of over 100,000 songs, but there are times when we don’t have a specific song. Talk with us about your favorites, and we will locate it or give you additional advice. Do not use Spotify or YouTube for music. Those have particular issues when it comes to events.

What are your parking requirements?

Parking is required at all events.  If there is a paid parking option, then we just add that amount to the balance.  The parking location must be able to fit a vehicle 6’8” in size or larger.

How do we satisfy our final balance?

Final balances can be handled through a variety of methods. Personal checks are accepted until 2 weeks before the event. Venmo is also very popular. Credit Cards and Bank transfers can be taken up until 2 days before the event. Cash is acceptable on location on the day of the event.

When do we go over final details with the MC for our event?

Your head MC will go through final details with you over the phone the Tuesday or Wednesday before your event. Your MC will be calling you.

What supplies do you need from the function hall or us?

Most parties require 1 six-foot table with linen and access to one power outlet. However, with Digital Video Dance Party or any Photo Booth a second 6-foot table is needed.

What is your overtime policy?

Overtime for afternoon events has to be discussed with us before your date. For evening events, overtime can be decided one half-hour before the scheduled end time. Overtime payment is due on the night of the event in a cash, Venmo, or personal check.

Is gratuity appropriate, and if so how much?

Gratuity is not required, but as with any other service business, it is always appreciated. We only ask that every staff member receive the same consideration. Common gratuity ranges from $50-$100 per staff member.

Do you provide a song list?

No, we don’t want to bind you by what we have, but we want you to write down songs you want and don’t want played. The “don’t want” songs are more important than the do wants!

When is our fact sheet due?

Your fact sheet is due two weeks before your event. If it is lost, just let us know; we’d be happy to send you another. It can also be sent in partially completed. It is a work in progress, but the MC must have some sort of fact sheet before he/she can go over final details.

What will the ATOC Staff be wearing at my event?

During final details, you will decide the MC’s attire as well as the multiple options for any other staff.

What time will you arrive?

We arrive about 60 minutes before the event to setup. If the event is on a larger scale, we will arrive 60-90 minutes before the event.

We were thinking about getting favors for our event? Can ATOC design and produce those?

Absolutely, not only do we produce those frequently, we produce them with a number of ATOC advantages. We design simple logos for free and advanced logos at a minimal cost. We only order the top quality products. We handle any errors in printing for you before the function, so you get piece of mind. Many people have called us after events specifically for the favors that we produced. Due to time constraints, if you are interested in favors, please contact the office soon.

If I am offering meals for ATOC staff at my party, what should I order?

First, we really appreciate the offer! Second, either main course or vendor meals are fine. We just recommend eating when the guests are eating, as we want to keep guests moving when they are finished with their meal.

I was thinking about ordering props for my guests, when should I do that?

We place a courtesy order for all of our clients once a month at cost. All you need to do is call the office at least one month before the reception.

What other interesting options have might we like for our reception?

We offer many interesting options that many clients don’t even know exist. Here are just a couple, just call for more information:

  • Photo Booths: There are 3 types of photo booths that we offer our clients: The Magic Mirror Photo Booth Experience, The Social Media Photo Booth, and an old fashioned photo booth. They are all very different, but they all include upgraded aspects that will make your wedding that much better. Contact the office for more details.
  • Wireless LED Uplighting
  • “Dance Under The Stars” Laser (a green laser midnight sky effect with the moon shining through a slowly moving low deck of clouds)
  • (your wedding slideshow), Photomontage Production, and Projection (we can show photos on a huge 10’ rear projection screen, a video DJ booth, and 2-42’’ stand mounted HD-TV’s)
  • 4K HD Videography
  • Fun Foods & Candy Buffets
  • Lawn Games & Casino Cocktail Hours

For LGBTQ Clients

How is a LGBTQ wedding different from a straight wedding?

We have been performing at LGBTQ weddings since before they were weddings. They were commitment ceremonies in the 90’s. The big difference is the terminology used on the microphones. Having tact is important. We don’t use words like bride and groom or Mr. & Mrs. We use first names, happy couple, and newlyweds. It is very important that entertainers have experience with LGBTQ weddings. Small mistakes on the mic can be amplified.

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