OurParty.pix (formerly ATOCPIX), a personal social network and slideshow program for your events.

OurParty.pics is the program that puts social networking in your hands. There is no need for tagging or hashtags when your guests have a password protected view of all the photos taken at your wedding. Here is how it works:

  • We create a private OurParty.pics page for you with a personal password.
  • You can upload child photos, dating photos, and any other photos you want.
  • Those photos can be the slideshow that rotates on HD Monitors or rear projection screen at the start of your wedding.
  • Your guests will get a card that allows them to upload their favorite photos to be added to a growing slideshow of your wedding day.

Then, all guests can comment, download, or see all the photos uploaded by each other.

Plus, the website stays active years after the wedding is over. It is there for you to use, build, and backup all the photos from your wedding.

Since it’s password protected, only you and your guests get access to this exclusive page.

Call 508-229-0009 or email info@ATOCWeddings.com for more details and a demonstration.

Company: A Touch Of Class

Option Type: OurParty.pix

Options Available

  • Fun Foods
  • Flying Cotton Candy
  • Cotton Candy
  • Vintage Popcorn w/ Cart
  • Warm, Soft Pretzels
  • Snow Cones
  • Candy Buffett
  • Ice Cream Truck

Cocktail Games Package

Casino Cocktail Hour & Post Reception