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High Definition 4K Videography and Photography services are available on ALL party and event packages offered by A Touch of Class. Document your special occasion with the best Boston Event Photography & Videography experts in the business. With over 25 years of experience in documenting special moments, A Touch of Class is here to make sure that every memory is captured on the highest quality digital film and video.

Capturing landmark moments in your life is essential to any successful and special event. A Touch of Class goes above and beyond to make sure our Boston Event Photography & Videography experts catch the most treasured moments as well as the candid ones. Have something that you can look back on for a lifetime and share with those you hold dear to you. Choose a Boston Event Photography & Videography package that best describes your needs and leave the rest to us.

Digital Photography Captures Every Moment

Document your day with our professional photography. Our experienced photographer will capture every moment of our special event. You will receive hundreds of professional photographs on flash drive complete with the digital rights. You can then print them on your own or have A Touch Of Class create photo albums and prints for you. You also can share the shots with your family and friends.

Hi-Def Video Help Relive all of the Fun

This cutting edge technology will make your event look more realistic than ever. A Touch of Class’s Boston Event Videography includes original footage, your photos, and an edited highlight reel on DVD. One Set of Blu-Ray HD-DVD’s is included as well. Our personable videographer will shoot your event in High Definition, then edit it in HD, and burn it on Blu-Ray DVD or create an online video.

Video Options | A Touch of Class Special Event Videos

Basic 4K Videography : Relive your event on digital streaming format with 4K Videography. Our personable videographer will shoot your event in 4K High Definition, then upload on a dedicated HD computer to a private streaming link or flash drive.

Advanced 4K Videography : Everything in the Basic 4K Videography Package PLUS up to 40 photographs with music of your choice before unedited footage of your event.

Full Edit 4K Videography : Includes everything in the Basic 4K Videography PLUS a separate edited stream of event highlights complete with computer generated transitions and up to 50 digital pictures. The unedited footage is also included for complete event viewing. One hard drive is included with the edited and unedited footage.

Photo Montage Production Service : Personalize your event with a DVD of photographs, or a combination of home movies and photographs with computer generated transitions set to the music of your choice.

Live Streaming : The newest HD Sony Camera and a high-performance laptop are utilized to create a live, high definition audio and video stream of your event. This can be viewed anywhere in the world, including on mobile devices (i.e. iPads, smartphones, laptops). Note: high-speed WiFi connection at function hall is required.

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Option Type: Photography & Videography